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The Global Glossary of Terms on Science-to-Business Marketing & University-Industry Innovation

The S2B-UIIN Glossary has been initiated by the Science-to-Business (S2B) Marketing Research Centre at Münster University of Applied Sciences and the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN). With more than 300 practical terms explained by 500+ definitions – developed by contributors worldwide, the S2B-UIIN Glossary presents the key terms and definitions
every market-oriented university-industry professional should know.


Universities and other research organisations are facing the challenge of continuously developing innovative product and service offerings to business organisations. Within the past years marketing, meaning the integration of market needs, has been recognized as a key driver for developing success university-industry relationships. Or as Milan Kundera, Czech novelist, playwright and poet, states: “Business Has Only Two Functions — Marketing and Innovation”

As a result of this movement, professionals working on university-industry relationships (primary having a technological background) need to acquire knowledge on Science-to-Business Marketing. The exponential growth of definitions in both marketing and innovation, however, makes it more and more difficult to understand the essence of a particular term. Therefore, the S2B-UIIN Glossary aims to provide both an extensive list of different definitions on terms (the Online Glossary) as well as a more focused list of definitions capturing the central aspects of the most important terms (the PDF Glossary).

The S2B-UIIN Glossary aims to contribute to the above mentioned challenges by providing a practical overview of the most important terms and definitions on marketing and innovation in university-industry relationships.

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