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Call for UIIN Case Study Series!

We now call for case studies, as part of our UIIN case study series! Would you like your case study to be published on UIIN? Please contact us at .


Case studies are an important instrument in the support and further development of university-industry interaction initiatives. Those cases being recognized as “best practices” cannot just be adopted by other organisations as the context and structure of each organisation is different. Rather than copying the world’s best approaches one-on-one, organisations need to carefully analyse and learn from other cases and adapt the strategies, structures and activities to their individual environment.


In line with this believe, the UIIN Case Study Series will feature a variety of cases, and provide in-depth information on each case, enabling UIIN members and event participants to make best use of these examples. The cases can cover institution wide implentations or specific initiatives. As the case gives a full insight in the implementation and impact, the reader can carefully analyse and select the aspects that could fit to their own organisation.
If you are interested in presenting your case study to our members and event participants please contact us at .

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