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“The Business Incubator” Magazine Goes Free!

All issues (past and current) of “The Business Incubator” magazine are now free to download and to read online!


This is possible thanks to the generous support of some sponsors (EBN, ESA, ILS-LEDA, NBIA and UKBI). To access the issues go on the magazine’s website and sign in with your login and password (register if you have none yet).

The print version of “The Business Incubator” magazine will still be produced. If you are interested to receive it you can request it on
The next issue will be out soon, and The Business Incubator Magazine is always on the look for good news and stories, so if you want to be spotlighted, or want to share your thoughts and experiences please contact Giordano Dichter, the magazine’s content advisor at [email protected]

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