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The 2nd issue of the University-Industry Innovation Magazine is out now!

We often look to the US in terms of knowledge and technology transfer and many countries aim to follow their successful examples. Everyone knows the technological success stories from the Silicon Valley, many of them coming from university research and the publication by the Kauffman Foundation that highlights that the aggregated revenues of companies founded by MIT alumni would rank as the eleventh-largest economy in the world. These success stories highlight the US technology transfer approach as the best practice, with many universities and regions worldwide aiming to replicate their eco-system and structures. In comparison to technology transfer and commercialisation, relationship-based approaches towards university- industry interactions in US universities are still in their early stages. In this issue, Cameron McCoy and Mark Nolan look at the rise of Corporate Relationships Offices in US universities, highlighting their diversity, explaining their recent development and challenges.


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In addition, this issue also covers articles of:

  • Rebecca Allison, consultant in Technopolis, highlights the main aspects of the fifth University-Business Forum organised by the European Commission in Brussels.
  • Irene Sheridan, Director of the Cork Institute of Technology Extended Campus (Ireland), calls for enterprise engagement to be firmly embedded in the core of universities.
  • This is followed by an interview of Manuel Cermerón, CEO of the international company Aqualogy, who describes their close collaboration with universities as part of their R&D startegy.
  • Josep M. Vilalta, Director of the Catalonian Association of Public Universities (Spain), presents a platform that connects the region to enhance the economic and social development.
  • Greg McPherson, Commercial Development Manager at Adelaide Research & Innovation – The University of Adelaide (Australia) poses the question of whether a university should be run like a business, offering diverse approaches in that debate.

We are happy to present this second issue of UIIM. The enormous positive feedback we received for the first issue and the number of downloads support our feeling that the magazine has already received quite awareness among those passionate about university-industry interaction.


We hope you enjoy reading UIIM and are looking forward to receiving your comments and feedback!

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