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Third Issue of the University-Industry Innovation Magazine is out now!

UIIN is proud to present third issue of the University-Industry Innovation Magazine (UIIM). After the warm reception of the first two issues by our thousands of readers worldwide, UIIM brings you again the latest insights into the interaction between university and industry.


This issue has been built around entrepreneurial universities, including some cases of universities, specific initiatives or supporting tools that make universities move beyond teaching and research to make an impact in their environments. In the main article of this issue, Prof. Bob Cryan and Prof. Liz Towns-Andrews present Huddersfield University (United Kingdom) as a recognized entrepreneurial university. It explains how Huddersfield University has built an innovation culture around every aspect of the university and dynamic long term relations within its region. This issue also includes articles about:

  • a tool to evaluate the entrepreneurship and innovation development of a university (HEInnovate) by Rebecca Allinson and Zsuzsa Javorka,
  • the benefits of industry engagement for university teaching and research by Paul Benneworth,
  • an internationally recognised training course for entrepreneurial universities’ leaders (EULP) by Paul Coyle,
  • a successful model for entrepreneurial education and business creation (UnternehmenTUM), by Dominik Böhler, Kristin Knipfer and Oliver Bück­en,
  • a flourishing student start up (UPE Places) by Omar Castillo,
  • and an insight into entrepreneurship policies by Marina Ranga.


Interested in learning more about the current developments in university-industry innovation? Keen to hear more about these inspiring articles? You can find this issue as well as all upcoming issues at To stay up to date on all these activities of UIIN, please remember to subscribe to our blog ( and to our news section on, follow us on Twitter (@UIIN) and/or Facebook.


We are looking forward to receiving your comments and feedback! Enjoy reading UIIM!



Victoria Galan-Muros

Editor in Chief of UIIM

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