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The Innovation Alliance | How can you benefit from the project?

The Innovation Alliance project provides a wide variety of benefits for all stakeholders involved, specifically to:

  • Innovation stakeholders from the higher education sector, the enterprise support sector and public bodies charged with innovation development, will experience attitudinal and behavioural change, enabling a much greater degree of information sharing and collaborative action than was present prior to the project. This will generate long-term support for innovation partnerships.
  • SME owner managers will benefit a) individually, given that they will increase their knowledge and transversal business skills and b) professionally, as their SME will be listed on the matchmaking HEI-SME database. In the long term, SMEs will be more innovative, will create greater added value, be more competitive and achieve higher growth.
  • SME participants in the comparative methodology study will gain an expert guided transfer with high probability of success and in the long run, their contribution will establish best practice for HEIs wishing to embark on their own transfers of innovation research or technology.
  • HEIs will gain the knowledge and confidence to engage in more partnerships with SMEs, both by accessing the matchmaking function, implementing best practice in transfer processes, also regaining their leadership role in regional innovation promotion through their role in the Innovation Alliances.
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