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‘Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset’ Workshop Series: Why did we choose these cities?

Each of the workshops in our series is hosted in one of three major European cities, within a region recognised for its innovation. The overall programme will explore six characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset and each workshop focuses on two of these key features. You can read more about which six characteristics we have identified, here.


But what, other than being beautiful cultural cities, made us choose these three locations?



Why London?


London is one of the most innovative cities on the planet, with a dynamic ecosystem that supports a vast range of start-ups and corporations, and provides a high level of investment in innovation skills. East London’s ‘Tech City’, the UK’s answer to Silicon Valley, is home to over 1400 companies.












Why Amsterdam?


Considered one of the most innovative medium-sized cities, Amsterdam is a highly successful innovation hub, providing the types of spaces needed by high-growth companies, and engaging with its citizens via digital channels. In 2015 alone, Dutch start-ups raised over 430 million euros.











Why Copenhagen?


Copenhagen is an ambitious and dynamic city, a home for creativity and entrepreneurship, and host to companies and research organisations in biotech and the life sciences. Greater Copenhagen’s science cities are innovative hubs home to start-ups, leading companies, universities and public and private research institutions.










If you are interested in attending one of our workshops and finding out more about Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset and joining a vibrant network of higher education professional, visit for more information

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