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“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly” Welcome to RESTART Entrepreneurship

What we aim to achieve

The RESTART project aims to support second-time entrepreneurs, underperforming entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. Key elements of the project lie in encouraging individuals to learn from their past experiences to increase the likelihood of future business success. 


Four RESTART alliances, four stakeholder groups

A primary feature of the project is the creation of Four RESTART alliances; one in Bulgaria, one in Catalunia, one in Ireland, and one in the Netherlands. Through each of these alliances, we aim to bring together four different stakeholder groups – namely entrepreneurs, teachers, supporters, and the media.



Providing unique teaching and learning material

In order to make an effective and lasting impact on the lives of the entrepreneurs involved in RESTART, we need to adopt a new approach to entrepreneurship education by integrating failure as a key aspect of the business journey. Thus, our teaching and learning material will be different to what you would typically find in entrepreneurship courses. Stay tuned!


Whether you are an entrepreneur, aspiring to be one, an educator, change agent or media representative, please visit to find out more about getting involved in the project.


LinkedIn: RESTART Entrepreneurship
Twitter: @RESTART_europe

Facebook: /RestartEntrepreneurship

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