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Saxony-Anhalt starts new funding program for Innovation, Internationalisation and Succession for SMEs

Saxony-Anhalt remains to support SME. Companies up to 250 employees and freelancer can apply for external consulting to solve business and financing problems. “This funding program is an essential cornerstone in our SME programme. It helps to professionalise internal processes and gives impulse for innovation and future readiness” says Minister of Science and Economic Affairs.


The programme funds up to 50% of consultancy services (up to 15 days) and includes topics like succession, risk management, personal affairs, marketing, internationalisation, energy and sustainability as well as optimization of organisational processes and innovation potentials.

“Business success is not random. It is important to know the necessary milestones leading to it. This is why Investitionsbank Saxony-Anhalt (funding bank) supports external consultancy by experts with this new funding instrument” (Manfred Mass, CEO of Investitionsbank Saxony-Anhalt).

Applications can be submitted directly at

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