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A New UIIM Issue: The Long Road of Collaborative Innovation

The road to collaborative innovation is not a straightforward one. In this issue of the University Industry Innovation Magazine we explore the relationship between university and business, and tell you the stories of people, who have taken the less congested roads, or who have made their own path with the aim of making a difference in other people’s lives. You will read of innovative game-changing individuals and organisations, which are working to be the driving force of the social and economic development of their regions.

In particular, this year’s issue reports on the key conclusions of a comparative longitudinal 10-year study about the changing state of knowledge exchange in the UK, where some of the key findings had challenged a number of critical views of those relationships. We will also inform you about the wide-ranging study on cooperation between higher education institutions and public and private organisations in the 33 country of the European Economic Area (EEA), which was recently commission by the European Commission.

In the same issue, you will further read about the following:

  • The Most Entrepreneurial University of the Netherlands, and its experience to be the first university to forge a link with business – a revolutionary choice, which still proves exemplary today.
  • Amsterdam Science Park (ASP), home to one of the largest concentrations of beta-based sciences in Europe, and a host to a collaboration between the Knowledge Transfer Offices of five universities and academic medical centres in the city.
  • The concept of university-business cooperation (UBC) in Vietnam, a communist country, which already takes some mental reframing.
  • Collaboration between universities and start-ups in Finland, and their potential to derive benefits for all parties, increasing students’ employability profile.
  • The first steps of the South African innovation ecosystem: some interesting emerging initiatives, which may become seeds of a future well-connected national innovation.
  • Tirana Business University (TBU) and its innovative way to guarantee students’ employment through strong cooperation with business, in a challenging Albanian context.

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The UIIM is an initiative of UIIN and supervised by the Editor-in-Chief Dr. Victoria Galan Muros. Victoria is an active professional with international experience in university-business cooperation, higher education and innovation from different perspectives. As a senior consultant, currently associated at Technopolis Group UK, she has worked with universities and governments in 14 countries, deliver professional workshops in 13 countries and participated in 11 government funded projects.

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