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University of Twente: Most Entrepreneurial University of the Netherlands

In December of 2015, Elsevier/Scienceworks ranked the University of Twente number 1 in the national “Valorization Ranking” as overall best performing University. The university was awarded with the title of “Most Entrepreneurial University” of the Netherlands for its economic impact. The research rated all 13 Dutch universities and ranked them on valorization, entrepreneurship and communication. The University of Twente scored best overall for valorization and had the best profile when it came to entrepreneurship. Twente has the highest number of spin-off companies and houses the highest number of companies—400—in its science park.

The University of Twente is a research university in the eastern Netherlands with approximately 9600 students. Since the 1980s—a time when business and science were not used in the same sentence—the University of Twente has focussed on its relationship with the business community. As such it was the first university to forge a link with business—a revolutionary choice back then which still proves exemplary today.

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