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Next Practice Series 2017

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We are delighted to present the Next Practice Series 2017, a compendium of 30 innovative and forward-thinking concepts that embody the cutting edge of university-industry collaboration and entrepreneurial education. These concepts offer a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of modern education and its relationship with industry, showcasing novel strategies and ideas that are shaping the future of higher learning and innovation.

From initiatives that promote technology-based startups to programs fostering greater engagement between students and corporate social responsibility, the Next Practice Series 2017 reflects the vibrant synergy between academia, industry, and society at large. Each concept presented here represents a bold step toward advancing knowledge, cultivating entrepreneurship, and forging meaningful partnerships.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the contributors for their dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional education and for sharing their insights and expertise.


Title: Next Practice Book: Challenges and Solutions for Fostering Entrepreneurial Universities and Collaborative Innovation
Year: 2017
Pages: 36
Language: English

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