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UIIM First Issue of the Year is Out!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to our first issue of 2018, with our brand-new look and fresh perspective on the current theme of innovation districts. This has been long overdue, since we witness the topic has increasingly attracted more participants in our conferences, workshops, and in our latest UIIN Australia Chapter Forum in the search for a better understanding of the concept and its real-world applications.

april_cover_standingDespite a slow development, more regions across the world acknowledge the growth potential that arises from collaboration in the emerging innovation districts. Whether anchored by a core educational institution or a business organisation in the urban centre, or developed around a traditional science park, adoption of these place-based urban development strategies has proven to offer extensive opportunities by connecting high-growth start-ups, talents, incubators, open innovation spaces, housing, and public amenities.

While this particular issue gives credit to only a few initiatives, many other regions have been experimenting with innovation districts one way or another to establish a more sustainable and inclusive local economy. Our major takeaway from our featured stories is that while approaches to innovation differ, defining characteristics of the initiatives remain the same: a shared vision, cross-sectoral collaboration, and strong regional policies.

We thank our authors and contributors once more to make this issue a reality, and wish you all a pleasant reading.


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