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Artificial Intelligence Sandpit at the 2019 University-Industry Engagement Conference

Is your organisation concerned with disruption by emerging technologies? Are you struggling to keep pace with the opportunities available in AI? It is time for the technology leaders across the board in every industry to discuss and get advice from academia on how AI can be used to improve quality, speed, functionality and facilitate growth.

Participate in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sandpit and get an opportunity to engage with experts to explore how AI could help your business grow. AI Sandpit will take place as a part of the 2019 University-Industry Engagement Conference that brings together managers, practitioners and researchers in the field of entrepreneurial universities, collaborative innovation and university-industry interaction this year in Sydney, Australia on 11-13 February, 2019.

What is a Sandpit?

Sandpits are focused industry convening events that connect industry to lead academics based on particular areas of research. The key aspect of Sandpits is the exploratory nature of the discussion. It has shown to be an efficient, creative and high energy way of bringing researchers, business people, and government representatives together into the same room to explore collaborations.

The heart of the Sandpit is the speed networking. Participants (industry and academic) are given a set amount of time (approximately 90 seconds) to discuss pressing challenges (based on topic) one-on-one and move around the room accordingly.

Industry participants will introduce themselves, their organisation and explain their AI question or problem they are interested in solving (i.e. I am an online retailer, how could AI improve my customer service?) Academics will introduce themselves, their AI area of focus and outline how they would approach the problem. By the end of the session, as an industry participant you would have had at least 10 conversations and heard new ideas or collaboration ideas. Should any resonate, you have an opportunity to arrange a separate follow up meeting to explore further.

How to participate?

  1. Register for the conference here.
  2. Send through your question / challenge to [email protected] by 7 December 2018.
  3. Due to limited spaces in this session, you will receive a confirmation email of participation by 19 December 2018.
  4. We will work with registrants to refine the problem statement to be distributed to the participating academics.
  5. Questions will be distributed among participating academics to ensure they are prepared for the session.

Have a question about the AI Sandpit or the 2019 University-Industry Engagement Conference in Sydney? Contact [email protected]


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