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Proceedings of the 2019 University-Industry Interaction Conference

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Within these proceedings, we unveil the rich tapestry of insights and innovations that emerged from the 2019 University-Industry Interaction Conference, a synergy of ideas and experiences from the global and Asia-Pacific installments of the conference. This collection comprises 29 papers, featuring 16 academic contributions and 13 practitioner insights, all aimed at advancing the discourse on university-industry collaboration.

In the academic track, we explore a diverse range of topics, from the determinants of success in science-industry cooperation to narratives for practice in academia, emphasizing the role of universities in regional innovation systems. We delve into open innovation technology transfer, the impact of staff training on fostering innovation, and measuring the innovation impact of academia on business and society.

In the practitioner track, we delve into the practical strategies that drive successful university-industry engagement. We discuss knowledge exchange frameworks, the art of creating successful linkages, and the role of SMEs as entrepreneurial agents in regional innovation ecosystems. We showcase collaborative, digital approaches to university-industry innovation brokerage, merging innovation with economic growth, and applying design-thinking methodology to tackle complex policy problems.

As you navigate these proceedings, we extend our sincere gratitude to the authors, reviewers, and participants who have enriched this collaborative exchange of knowledge and experience.


Title: Academic Proceedings of the 2019 University-Industry Interaction Conference Series
Year: 2019
Pages: 252
Language: English


Title: Practitioners Proceedings of the 2019 University-Industry Interaction Conference Series
Year: 2019
Pages: 182
Language: English

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