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Universities of Applied Sciences as Regional Powerhouses | January 2020 Issue

Uiim 20 01 uas as regional powerhouses

In this edition of University Industry Innovation Magazine, we turn our spotlight to universities of applied sciences in Europe. These institutions, driven by their profession-oriented mission, play a pivotal role as intermediaries connecting higher education, vocational education, and the job market. Through this issue, we celebrate their successes and delve into their vital contributions as regional powerhouses.

Regional Engagement and Empowerment

Our guest authors from Switzerland and Germany shed light on the central role of universities of applied sciences within their national and regional higher education landscapes. Contributions from the Netherlands and Austria highlight collaborative research and educational endeavors with industry partners, showcasing innovative strategies and physical space adaptations.

Sustainable Synergies and Holistic Innovations

Finland and Belgium-based institutions emphasize the importance of synergizing efforts among stakeholders to drive curriculum innovation. This issue also provides a comprehensive view, presenting recent research findings on university-industry joint publications from Valencia, along with a glimpse into the Chilean entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Dynamic and Responsive

The diverse activities and innovations featured in our articles reflect the dynamic nature of universities of applied sciences. Their flexibility in addressing societal needs serves as an inspiration to all, transcending institutional size, nature, and location.


Title: University Industry Interaction Magazine – Universities of Applied Sciences as Regional Powerhouses (July 2019 Issue)
Year: 2020
Pages: 23
Language: English

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