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Unity Between University & Industry to Usher Inclusiveness and Mutual Engagement

The third set of articles from The Future of Universities Thoughtbook |North American Edition features the founder and CEO of The Career Leadership Collective, Jeremy Podany, the Vice President of Veterans Education Success, Tanya Ang, and the President of West Virginia University, Gordon Gee.

In the article “The Future-Centric University of the Future”, Jeremy Podani reveals a new vision for how universities approach preparing students for their future careers.  Proactive universities utilising technology have an incredible opportunity to shape society’s innovation and the future workforce.

In her vision, “The University and Military-Connected Students a Glimpse 22 Years Down the Line”, Tanya Ang argues that higher education should continue to find innovative ways to reach military-connected students while offering quality education both online and in brick and mortar institutions.   

In his imagining of the future, “Thinking Beyond A-B-C”, Gordon Gee outlines three ways how universities and the private sector can collaborate during the next 20 years. Universities and industry should unite to handle the challenges that big data generates, the threats of climate change on our food supply and the shifts in energy production and consumption.

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | North American Edition is a compilation of 40 visions written by North American experts detailing what universities will look like by 2040.

The Thoughtbook artfully collates a group of 40 diverse voices and narratives while sketching out the future roles of universities, their relevance, and their evolving position within the broader ecosystem of knowledge and innovation production. They are divided into 5 thematic sections – Disrupting Education, Collision of Technology and Humanity, Socially Engaged University, University-Business Cooperation, and Institutional Change. With different foci, each of them contributes to creating insightful for further dialogue on how universities would shape the future by 2040. In doing so, a wide palette of university future scenarios comes to light.

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | North American Edition

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