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Universities-Industry-Community Cooperation to Rally Change in Higher Education

The sixth set of articles from The Future of Universities Thoughtbook |North American Edition introduces Program Director and Professor of Public Law and Government of UNC School of Government, Anita Brown-Graham, The President and Vice-Chancellor of Simon Fraser University, Andrew Petter, and Program Manager, University Relations at Siemens, Arturo Pizano.

In the article “The University of the Future. Now” Anita Brown-Graham zooms in on higher education in North Carolina and the demands of the ‘new traditional’ student. Calling for environments that are more learner-centred she outlines five points of what higher education will have to offer.

In his vision of the future, “Think Digitally, Act Locally: Universities will Thrive in a Technological Age by Serving and Building Local Communities”, Andrew Petter emphasizes that Artificial Intelligence is more likely to increase than to undermine the need for university education. Universities that emphasize technology literacy, data literacy and human literacy will thrive by assisting their communities.

In his article, “University-Industry Partnerships in the United States: A Proven Formula in Need of Change”, Arturo Pizano, imagines a proven recipe for university and industry to define and drive change. This vision outlines three areas requiring change for maximizing positive impact of such cooperation – speed of innovation, comprehensive cooperation models, academic mobility.

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | North American Edition is a compilation of 40 visions written by North American experts detailing what universities will look like by 2040.

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | North American Edition

The Thoughtbook artfully collates a group of 40 diverse voices and narratives while sketching out the future roles of universities, their relevance, and their evolving position within the broader ecosystem of knowledge and innovation production. They are divided into 5 thematic sections – Disrupting Education, Collision of Technology and Humanity, Socially Engaged University, University-Business Cooperation and Institutional Change. With different foci, each of them contributes to creating insightful for further dialogue on how universities would shape the future by 2040. In doing so, a wide palette of university future scenarios comes to light.

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