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Future of Universities Thoughtbook – Universities During Times of Crisis

FUT_ Times of Crisis Edition

Welcome to the “Universities During Times of Crisis” edition of the Future of Universities Thoughtbook Series. Crafted in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this volume is more than a collection of perspectives—it’s a manifesto for adaptability and innovation in uncertain times. With contributions from global thought-leaders, this edition explores the transformative roles that universities are playing, and must continue to play, during times of global crises. From embracing technological changes to forming real-time symbiotic partnerships with industry and government, the book serves as a beacon for universities aiming to convert challenges into opportunities. Whether you’re in academia, industry, or government, this Thoughtbook offers invaluable insights into how higher education institutions can—and should—navigate future crises.

Fut times of crisis


Title: The Future of Universities Thoughtbook – Universities During Times of Crisis
Year: 2020
Pages: 137
Language: English

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