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Future Universities: The Transformative Power of Anchor Institutions

The last set of articles from The Future of Universities Thoughtbook |North American Edition introduces Chief Academic Officer of Noodle Partners, Melora Sundt and, Founding Director of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel University, Bruce Katz.

In her article “A Tale of Two Values”, Melora Sundt poses an unrelenting dilemma: how do institutions maintain the balance between finance and academic freedom? The future lies in creating agile sustainable campuses that have the capacity of meaningful decision making and are able to establish a platform for partnering with the government foundations and the private sector.

In his vision of the future, “Universities 2040”, Bruce Katz illustrates how the evolution of universities will mirror the evolution of cities. Universities are ‘anchor institutions’ providing strength, stability to their communities.  Through the strategic use of real estate and co-location, universities will continue to be the drivers of the economies across the globe.

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | North American Edition is a compilation of 40 visions written by North American experts detailing what universities will look like by 2040.

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | North American Edition

The Thoughtbook artfully collates a group of 40 diverse voices and narratives while sketching out the future roles of universities, their relevance, and their evolving position within the broader ecosystem of knowledge and innovation production. They are divided into 5 thematic sections – Disrupting Education, Collision of Technology and Humanity, Socially Engaged University, University-Business Cooperation and Institutional Change. With different foci, each of them contributes to creating insightful for further dialogue on how universities would shape the future by 2040. In doing so, a wide palette of university future scenarios comes to light.

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Header photo: olia danilevich via Pexels

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