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About the Conference June 14-16, 2021 University-Industry Interaction Conference

The University-Industry Interaction Conference is the annual conference of the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), which brings together up to 1000 managers, practitioners and researchers in the field of entrepreneurial universities, collaborative innovation and university-industry interaction each year. Now in its 9th year, the conference is one of the largest conferences in this field and provides its participants with 3 days of inspiring sessions, sharing knowledge and interacting with peers. In order to best facilitate this, the conference is built around a number of key principles:

Why attend?

1. A mixture of science and practice – We foster both the research ON, as well as practical experience IN university-industry interaction. We believe that through this mixture of sharing research results on how to interact and, at the same time sharing experiences on these interactions our attendees are best equipped to further drive the interaction between university and industry.

2. Insights into the minds of renowned leaders – Keynote speakers at UIIN events represent both the academic as well as the industry perspective, with past speakers being amongst others best-selling book authors, leaders of entrepreneurship centres, scientific experts as well as managers from SIEMENS, Volkswagen and Konica Minolta.

3. Get to work through hands-on workshops – We perceive it to be crucial for our participants to engage in practical workshops to, amongst others, reflect on their own understanding of the collaboration between university and industry, but also to interact and network with peers, whether this is on- or offline.

4. Expanding networks and knowledge base – We believe in building long lasting relationships and sharing knowledge beyond the actual conference days. As such, we offer plenty of networking opportunities throughout our conference and after, and publish both the excellent practice-based and research-based papers from conference speakers in our UIIN Conference Proceedings.



Increase your knowledge and practical skills



Take the newest insights in the field back to your institution



Share your vision and experiences in the interactive sessions



Network with like-minded people from across the globe

Take a look at our past conferences

The conference subthemes
University-Industry Partnerships: A holistic perspective to accelerate relationships
An institutional approach to develop and nurture strategic partnerships between university and industry
Embedding external engagement into the strategies and activities of university and industry
Models and methods to strengthen the external engagement potential of small and medium-sized enterprises
Engaged and Entrepreneurial Universities: The future of higher education
Cultural change: The transition towards a new generation of universities
Strategies and approaches to develop more purpose-driven universities
Embedding engagement and entrepreneurship across education and research
Pathway to Impact: Managing and measuring external engagement
Defining, managing and measuring activities, outputs, outcomes and impact
Recognition and incentives: Linking university-industry activities with metrics
Data and its role in university governance and decision making
Knowledge transfer and engagement professionals: The role of boundary spanning agents
Skills and competences of the university-industry collaboration champions
Professional training and career perspectives: Recognition for professional staff
Relationship building: addressing mutual benefits and managing expectations
Structures and mechanisms supporting university-industry cooperation
The management and support of research commercialization and student & academic entrepreneurship
Incentivizing and enhancing entrepreneurship and engagement activities amongst academics
Digital tools and platforms supporting and facilitating agile university-industry partnering
Regional engagement: The university as a home-base and entrepreneurship catalyst
Place-based university-business cooperation: approaches and strategies
Aligning institutional capabilities and strengths with regional industry needs
Smart specialisation: Building an innovation driven-economy
The university as a talent-engine & life partner: Supporting students and lifelong learners
Designing and delivering curricula for the skills of tomorrow
Developing, supporting and evaluating entrepreneurial mindsets, attitudes and creativity
Alternative credentials: non-traditional types of degrees and forms of skill and competency verification
The entrepreneurial and engaged academic in research and education
Involving industry in research and design and delivery of education
How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset amongst academic staff
Developing entrepreneurial and entrepreneurship education models

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