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Universities During Times of Crisis: It Is Time to Lead the Change

The second set of articles from The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | Universities During Times of Crisis introduces President of Tecnologico de Monterrey, David Garza, President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Tuula Teeri and Professor of Strategy, Organization & Entrepreneurship, Utrecht University, Erik Stam. 

In his article ‘Transitioning to High Tech – High Touch in a New Reality’, David Garza forecasts that the key changes will be related to educational focus, program offerings as well as delivery and operating models. He emphasises that there will be a growth of the free-flow student-centered learning options based on micro-credentials and stackable programs supported through high technologies. 

In her article ‘IMAGINE a New Beginning by Inclusive Innovation’, Tuula Teeri envisions a new beginning towards a sustainable future with universities and stakeholders developing meaningful and inclusive collaborative innovations benefiting societies across the globe. It is time to lead the change, instead of only adjusting to new realities. Leadership is key, when it mixes respect of academic expertise and autonomy with creation of inspiration. 

In his article ‘The University as a Catalyst for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Locally and Globally’, Erik Stam describes the principles that universities might adopt as they drive the identification and pursuit of new opportunities for value creation, supporting bottom-up initiatives to train students to create value in organizations, economy and society. Talent and knowledge creation must become increasingly multidisciplinary in order to create new combinations of knowledge and skills needed to meet global challenges. 

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | Universities During Times of Crisis is a compilation of 45 perspectives of international thought and practice leaders. 

The Thoughtbook has gathered the perspectives of leaders and champions at the forefront on how universities can shape the world during times of crisis, presenting a range of possible futures. This edition creates a vision for the future of higher education institutions and how they will impact their communities during times of crisis, complementing the inaugural international Future of Universities Thoughtbook and the Australian and North American editions. The contributions are divided into six thematic sections – Imagine a University…Crisis as a Driving ForceDisrupting Teaching and LearningCollision of Technology and HumanitySocially Engaged University and Entrepreneurship and University-Industry Interaction. Together, the articles provide a 360-degree view of universities from the perspective of different stakeholder groups. 

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Header photo by Zach Jiroun on Unsplash 

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