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Blended Education Has the Potential to Facilitate Lifelong Learning

The sixth set of articles from The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | Universities During Times of Crisis introduces Higher Education Partnerships and Programs Manager in the Asia Pacific region for Google Cloud, Ray Fleming, President of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Michinari Hamaguchi and Director at European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), Martin Kern. 

In his article ‘Irreversible Change Focused on StudentsRay Fleming points out that the wealth of data about the online learning should effectively lead to the positive changes and improvement of every learner’s experience. This requires rethinking the traditional academic model for the role of university to expand out. 

In his article ‘IMAGINE Universities as Prototyping Places for Social TransformationMichinari Hamaguchi describes a world where universities serve their local communities and are core elements in unique innovation ecosystems rooted in regional characteristics. At the same time, he outlines the importance of creating networks across regional boundaries and sectors to promote social innovation.  

In his article ‘IMAGINE Europe with Entrepreneurial Lifelong LearnersMartin Kern emphasizes the need for more entrepreneurial education to create a greener, healthier and sustainable future, and the potential of blended education to share resources, enhance retention and facilitate lifelong learning. The universities are critical to equip students with these entrepreneurial skills, but also to drive regional ecosystems as innovation leaders. 

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | Universities During Times of Crisis is a compilation of 45 perspectives of international thought and practice leaders. 

The Thoughtbook has gathered the perspectives of leaders and champions at the forefront on how universities can shape the world during times of crisis, presenting a range of possible futures. This edition creates a vision for the future of higher education institutions and how they will impact their communities during times of crisis, complementing the inaugural international Future of Universities Thoughtbook and the Australian and North American editions. The contributions are divided into six thematic sections – Imagine a University…Crisis as a Driving ForceDisrupting Teaching and LearningCollision of Technology and HumanitySocially Engaged University and Entrepreneurship and University-Industry Interaction. Together, the articles provide a 360-degree view of universities from the perspective of different stakeholder groups. 

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Header photo by Lisha Riabinina on Unsplash.

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