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A Future of Flexible and Student-Centric Learning

Elena Galán-Muros

The fifteenth, and last set of articles from The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | Universities During Times of Crisis introduces Provost at Shenandoah University, Cameron J. McCoy, Minister of Education, Science and Sport in the Republic of Slovenia, Simona Kustec, and Rector and Vice-Chancellor of University of the Free State, Francis Petersen.  

In his article ‘An Invitation to Step Out of the Status Quo’, Cameron McCoy invites us to build from our factor endowments and reshape a regenerative, equitable, learner-oriented university, which can serve as a lifelong service platform. He advocates that universities have to reset the definition of quality and lifelong learner success through collective leadership, intentional community action, and transparent, data-enabled sensemaking. 

In her article ‘Universities as a Bright and Solid Home of the Future’, Simona Kustec discusses what will matter in the future, anticipating that universities will remain the strong pillars of knowledge in society, with institutions finding the balance in providing relevant learning opportunities to their students. Simona expects to see a future of micro credentials and flexible learning paths, focussed on both professional and scientific knowledge. 

In his article ‘The Role of Higher Education in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem’, Francis Petersen states that universities should strive towards more inclusive and flexible curricula that reflect the realities of private sector, industry, commerce and the future world of work and that universities should redefine their traditional narrative of degrees being a guarantee for employment. In the future, globalisation will remain the focus, but it will be critical to promote localisation.

The Future of Universities Thoughtbook | Universities During Times of Crisis is a compilation of 45 perspectives of international thought and practice leaders.

The Thoughtbook has gathered the perspectives of leaders and champions at the forefront on how universities can shape the world during times of crisis, presenting a range of possible futures. This edition creates a vision for the future of higher education institutions and how they will impact their communities during times of crisis, complementing the inaugural international Future of Universities Thoughtbook and the Australian and North American editions. The contributions are divided into six thematic sections – Imagine a University…Crisis as a Driving ForceDisrupting Teaching and LearningCollision of Technology and HumanitySocially Engaged University and Entrepreneurship and University-Industry Interaction. Together, the articles provide a 360-degree view of universities from the perspective of different stakeholder groups.

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