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Entrepreneurship Education across Disciplines and Generations | September 2021 Issue

Uiim 21 09 entrepreneurship education across disciplines and generations

As a global society, we are yet to see the full extent of the changes, challenges and opportunities generated by the health crisis of the century. However, the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic has already brought to light the need to intensify our efforts to improve creativity, resilience, resourcefulness, and adaptability of the world’s most important asset – our people.

Whilst not the sole answer to a complex upskilling undertaking, wide-spread entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education offers the possibility to address knowledge, skills, competencies, and attitude gaps across generations, and support the innovation and sustainability potential of the planet and its people. Knowledge institutions are key actors to drive the entrepreneurial mindset development revolution, providing opportunities to young and seasoned citizens alike. It is now the time to discuss how universities can embed entrepreneurial and entrepreneurship education in their activities and bring it to life-long learners of all ages.

In this special issue, we examine entrepreneurship education practices that do not constrain themselves behind the doors of the business schools and span disciplines and generations. We start with the initiatives from the Netherlands and Canada, that promote entrepreneurship education from the early years at the school level. Moving along the generation line, we focus on projects that promote entrepreneurship among multi-disciplinary groups of university students in Finland and the United Kingdom. Looking at more seasoned learners, we bring you a Canadian initiative that focusses on helping academics translate their research into action. Finally, we introduce you to entrepreneurial role models from Oceania and the Netherlands.

The selection of the articles in this issue is carefully curated to not only reflect the necessities, but also highlight the possibilities of embedding entrepreneurial mindset development in various “walks of life” and educational settings. It is important to mention that this special issue has been inspired by our Erasmus+ project, Partnership for Initial Entrepreneurship Teacher Education (PIETE). The PIETE Project provided great insight and selected articles for this issue and inspired us to examine entrepreneurship education initiatives across the disciplinary board.


Title: University Industry Interaction Magazine – Entrepreneurship Education across Disciplines and Generations (September 2021 Issue)
Year: 2021
Pages: 21
Language: English

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