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9 - 11 May, 2023 • Budapest Abstract Submission UIIN Conference

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Please provide a short (1-2 line) summary of the case, written in an engaging style to grab the attention of the reader.

Describe the mission and vision of the institution as either (1) a partnering university, or (2) an entrepreneurial and innovative university.

Does your institution have a documented strategy that outlines its commitment to being a partnering, entrepreneurial or innovative university? Please describe the key elements of the institutional strategy, commitment and overarching objectives that are unique to your institutional case study.

Please describe the case in terms of the type of activities undertaken and how (1) partnering or (2) entrepreneurship and innovation are embedded within (1) education, (2) research, (3) commercialisation / valorisation and (4) governance. Provide some concrete examples of activities, outputs and outcomes to support your case.

Please describe the key mechanisms in place to develop (1) a partnering or (2) an entrepreneurial and innovative culture. This can include incentives and recognition schemes that have been implemented, and/or institutional frameworks, services, structures and mechanisms that enable internal and external stakeholders to support and drive the activities described above. Use concrete examples that demonstrate how the support mechanisms in the institution help implement the institutional strategy and commitment to (1) partnering or (2) entrepreneurship and innovation.

Please describe the role of the institution within the regional/local entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem and its connection with other external actors. Please provide concrete examples of the short-term and long-term (direct and indirect) impact generated within the regional/local ecosystem and its stakeholders. If possible, please describe the existing frameworks and approaches in place to capture/measure the above-mentioned impact.

Please describe the primary challenges encountered in becoming a (1) partnering or (2) entrepreneurial and innovative university, and how they were overcome. Please describe the main success factors that have enabled your institution to become a more (1) partnering or (2) entrepreneurial and innovative university. Please provide concrete examples where possible.

Provide a short summary to conclude your case study, and next steps for your (1) partnering or (2) entrepreneurial and innovative university.
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