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For the first time UIIN presents you with a unique opportunity to participate in the UIIN Training Program “University-Business Cooperation Skills Accelerator”

Whether you are new to the topic of university-business cooperation (UBC), or have been actively involved in UBC, participating in this training program will provide you with the chance to accelerate your boundary spanning skills, meet like-minded professionals, get access to best practice examples, and obtain your UIIN microcredential on UBC.

By combining the UIIN Training Program with your 2022 UIIN Conference ticket, you will be able to access all the presentations, keynotes, workshops and social activities from the conference, as well as join a dynamic and intensive 1,5-day program designed for individuals working to break down the barriers between academia and industry.

Who should participate?


Academics who want to engage with businesses and societal stakeholders and increase their impact


Professional staff at universities whose job is to promote and facilitate university-business cooperation


Businesses that recognise the importance of building links with universities

How will you benefit?
Access internationally leading frameworks, tools and methods in university-business cooperation
Hear from renowned leaders and experts in the field
Discover international best practice case studies in university-business cooperation
Scale up your international network and kick-off new collaborations
Engage in peer-learning with participants from all over the world
Obtain your unique “University-Business Cooperation Skills Accelerator” microcredential

Training Program Schedule



9:00 – 9:30


9:30 – 10:00

Introduction to the University-Business Cooperation Skills Accelerator

10:00 – 11:30

Foundations of university-business cooperation & the ecosystem

This workshop will describe the context of University-Business Cooperation (UBC) and present the UBC Ecosystem Framework, a tool for researchers, managers and policymakers to gain a better understanding of how UBC works and supports the process to foster, promote and strengthen it.

Learning outcomes:

  • A more holistic understanding of the UBC environment and its challenges
  • Deeper knowledge about the elements contributing to UBC success
  • Clarity about the mechanisms supporting cooperation

11:30 – 12:00

Science Park Tour

12:00 – 13:00


13:00 – 14:30

Building a vision for engagement

This workshop begins by reflecting on the history of universities and collaboration, and the future role of higher education. Inspired by global perspectives, the participants will reflect on their previous, current and desired collaboration activities to establish their ideal vision for UBC.

Learning outcomes:

  • An institutional or individual vision for UBC
  • Ability to develop concrete actions to achieve the established vision
  • Understanding of how to develop guiding principles for UBC activities

14:30 – 15:00


15:00 – 16:30

Partnership approach

The primary objective of this workshop is to introduce different types of engagement activities and approaches to enable participants to develop and refine their partnership approach.

Learning outcomes:

  • Tools and strategies to effectively engage with industry and develop partnerships
  • Ability to identify the challenges, benefits and success factors associated with industry partnerships
  • Insights into identifying and pursuing partnership opportunities

16:30 – 18:00

Challenge-focussed roundtable discussion & networking

18:00 – 20:30




8:30 – 9:00


9:00 – 10:30

How to scan your environment

This workshop will provide a step-by-step guide on how to analyse your internal environment and identify core assets for UBC. It will further outline the process of external asset mapping to identify to what degree your environment supports UBC.

Learning outcomes:

  • An overview of an organisation’s internal and external UBC ecosystem
  • Awareness of existing internal strengths and assets relevant for UBC
  • Understanding of a step-by-step mapping process

10:30 – 10:50


10:50 – 12:20

Championing UBC culture

This workshop will provide the basics of leading organisational change in an institution to develop a more entrepreneurial and engaged culture that encourages and supports UBC.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of the characteristics of entrepreneurial and engaged leadership
  • Understanding of how to strategically lead change towards a more positive attitude towards UBC
  • Tools and methods that can be put into practice to drive cultural change

12:20 – 12:30

Certification ceremony

12:30 – 13:30


2022 UIIN Conference & Training Bundle

Make the most out of your 2022 UIIN Conference experience and join us for the Training Program at a special offer!

Early-Bird Tickets

From March 1st until April 10th, 2022




Conference: €449​​

Training: €675​​

You save €200




Conference: €549​​

Training: €775​​

You save €200




Conference: €649​​

Training: €875​​

You save €200

Regular Tickets

From April 11th, 2022




Conference: €529​​

Training: €775

You save €200




Conference: €629​​

Training: €875

You save €200




Conference: €729​​

Training: €975

You save €200

Meet your facilitators

arno meerman

Arno Meerman
CEO & Founder at UIIN

Arno is the founder and CEO of the University Industry Innovation Network, a leading network that conducts research, provides events and training, and consults government, universities and industry on university-industry interaction. In his role Arno has built UIIN to one of the largest networks on university-industry interaction globally. Arno actively works with the European Commission, universities, and other government bodies towards professionalisation of university-industry relationships, entrepreneurial universities and partnerships. He has designed and led a number of UIIN’s research projects for the European Commission and professional training programs on entrepreneurial education, innovation alliances and university-business cooperation.

balzhan orazbayeva

Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva
Manager, Strategic Initiatives at UIIN

Balzhan is the strategic initiatives manager at UIIN. In this role, she designs and delivers innovative training, consultancy concepts and models to develop more engaged and entrepreneurial universities. Balzhan has undertaken research around university-business collaboration and social innovation and has run a number of training programs and workshops around entrepreneurial universities, future of universities and university-business collaboration. Balzhan holds a  doctoral degree from the Free University Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), where she focused on the engagement of academics and businesses in education-driven university-business collaboration. She is the co-editor of The Future of Universities (FUT_) book series.

Todd Davey Res

A/Prof. Todd Davey
Associate Partner at UIIN

Todd has consulted to the European, Australian and, Vietnamese Governments, multiple universities and is the author of the book ‘Entrepreneurship at Universities’. Formerly a Senior Manager with Deloitte Australia’s Technology Commercialisation Group and Strategy & Business Development Manager for one of Australia’s fastest growing start-ups, Todd ‘switched sides’ to work within academia. Todd is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School in Paris and a visiting researcher at Imperial College (UK), Technical University of Vienna (AUT) and the University of Adelaide (AUST) in the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Dr. Sarah Jaber
Manager, Business Development at UIIN

Sarah is an experienced consultant, and has advised universities in Australia, Europe and the US on issues relating to university – industry engagement, institutional strategy and performance, and research funding. Through her previous roles at KPMG Australia the University of Melbourne, Sarah brings a strong understanding of the higher education and research landscape. In her current role at UIIN, Sarah’s focus is on driving and delivering UIIN’s advisory concepts and projects, including designing new ways to support universities with their external engagement challenges. Sarah leads the UIIN Strategic Partnerships Accelerator Program.


Dr. Jochen Barth
Managing Consultant at CINOP

Jochen is an experienced management consultant with over 10 years of experience and has advised over 100 organizations and SMEs, as well as multinationals, spanning all sectors, in a variety of topics, including business model innovation, talent development, and change management. Jochen is Director for Employability at UIIN and Managing Consultant at CINOP where he leads the Learning & Development team. As Managing Director of the Service Science Factory at Maastricht University, which established itself as a best practice for entrepreneurial universities, he gained extensive experience in triple-helix programmes. He is also a lecturer of the module “Vision Modelling” at the RWTH Aachen, for the executive course Business Transformation Manager.

Andrey Dyachenko

Dr. Andrey Dyachenko
Learning Experience Designer and Facilitator at UIIN

Andrey’s role is to transform the UIIN’s extensive body of knowledge and experience in university-industry interaction into engaging and effective learning experiences. He designs, develops and facilitates educational programs, trainings and workshops. After obtaining his PhD, Andrey left academia and pursued a career of Learning experience designer. He designed and developed multi-modal learning experiences in settings ranging from museums and exhibitions to educational workshops, to universities, to internal employee education. His particular interest lays in collaborative learning and co-creation techniques.


Mikko 1

Mikko Korpela
Director and Facilitator Consulting Services at
Crazy Town Oy

Mikko Korpela is working as a director and a partner in Crazy Town Ltd. In his job, Mikko helps to build a co-working community for freelancers, solopreneurs, micro-sized companies and others, who want to go further together rather than alone. Crazy Town community consists of 200+ companies and 450+ experts. Currently, Crazy Town operates four locations across Finland – Jyväskylä, Tampere, Hämeenlinna and Pori. Thousands of people participate in their events yearly and they keep growing. Mikko is also trying to find new ways to generate idea flow inside HEIs. He believes this knowledge capital can be transformed better into new business ideas and ventures. Furthermore, Mikko is interested in IPR, pre-funding methods of student start-ups, the productivity of short-term funding and more concrete ways to utilise social capital.

Victoria res

Dr. Victoria Galan-Muros
Chief of Research and Analysis at
the UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education

Dr. Victoria Galan-Muros is a leading policy advisor working for over a decade in the interface between universities, business and policymakers in over 40 countries. Co-author of over 60 consulting policy reports and over 50 academic publications, she is invited to teach, train and speak on higher education policy, engagement, management and innovation internationally. Currently chief of research and analysis at the UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education, Dr Galan-Muros co-founded and led Innovative Futures Institute, was the research director at Global Institute on Innovation Districts, a policy analyst at OECD, a senior associate consultant at Technopolis Group, and the Policy Director at University Industry Innovation Network, among other positions.

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