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UIIN Launches New Training Programs in 2022

Elena Galán-Muros

University-business cooperation has proven invaluable during the pandemic, increasing the awareness and urgency for universities and businesses worldwide to break down the barriers for sustainable collaboration. At UIIN we embrace this development.

Over the past 10 years, our team has been dedicated to supporting our global community to enhance their collaboration and impact on society, through delivering workshops, training and consultancy informed by our large-scale research projects. Following the successful delivery of two training pilots under UIIN’s Leadership in Spanning Boundaries in 2021-2022 as well as a new bespoke program for the University of Melbourne, we believe it is time to upscale our training provision – starting with our brand new UIIN Training Program: University-Business Cooperation Skills Accelerator.

On June 12-13, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in this intensive 1,5-day program designed for individuals working to break down the barriers between academia and industry. Whether you are new to the topic of university-business cooperation (UBC), or have been actively involved in UBC, participating in the UBC Skills Accelerator will provide you with the chance to accelerate your boundary spanning skills, meet like-minded professionals from industry and academia, get access to best practice examples, and obtain your UIIN micro-credential.

As part of the program you will:

  1. Access internationally leading frameworks, tools and methods in university-business cooperation
  2. Hear from renowned leaders and experts in the field
  3. Discover international best practice case studies in university-business cooperation
  4. Scale up your international network and kick-off new collaborations
  5. Engage in peer-learning with participants from all over the world
  6. Obtain your unique “University-Business Cooperation Skills Accelerator” micro-credential

The first edition of the UBC Skills Accelerator will take place right before the 2022 UIIN Conference (June 13-15) in Amsterdam. To make the most of your visit and benefit from the ultimate learning and networking experience, you can purchase your conference-training combination ticket now at a special offer.

Get your tickets here*.

But that is not all! Throughout 2022, we will be launching even more training opportunities, including both short and large-scale programs for professional and academic staff as well as leadership at Higher Education Institutions. Keep an eye out for new launches in September/October 2022.


*Purchase your ticket before April 11th to benefit from the early-bird discount.

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