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Australian National University’s vision for collective impact through strategic partnerships

Elena Galán-Muros
Australian national university case study

In response to the evolving landscape shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic, ANU recognised the pivotal role of collaboration in fulfilling its mission to Australia, the region, and the world.

Through the Strategic Partnering Initiative, ANU embraced a holistic approach, leveraging its diverse academic community to foster innovation and drive meaningful change. This initiative not only aimed to strengthen existing partnerships but also sought to democratise research partnership building, ensuring inclusivity across disciplines and sectors.

Download the full case to learn more about their challenges, activities and main success factors.

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This case study is based on the 2022 UIIN Conference submission by Karen Jackson, Senior Manager, Research and Business Development at ANU, Sejul Malde, Strategic Research Development Manager at ANU, and Lorena Sciusco, Manager, Research Services & Business Development at ANU.

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