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Podcast | The Future of Universities – Times of Crisis

Welcome to UIIN Podcasts!

From how the universities can prepare for the future to tips on research valorisation and commercialisation or how to create strategic partnerships with your stakeholders, here you will find our podcast series and tune in to our conversations with experts.

We are kicking off with the first episode of the Future of Universities podcast series. Now more than ever, universities are challenged to adapt to, and even embrace, technological and cultural disruptions and lead the way towards social and economic regeneration. How? By starting with themselves: Forward-looking universities test their educational assumptions, re-design their approach to add value to students and faculty alike, and re-imagine their outmoded organisational structures.

In this episode, Carolin Plewa, Pro Vice Chancellor (Researcher Education and Development) and Dean of Graduate Studies of the University of Adelaide; together with Pascale Quester, Vice-Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology; explore how the pandemic has affected Higher Education Institutions and what the future holds for universities.

We hope you enjoy the discussion.

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