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Contribute to the 2023 UIIN Conference!

Share your knowledge and experiences at the largest global event dedicated to innovative & entrepreneurial universities, university-industry engagement, student and academic entrepreneurship and the future of universities and education. From May 9th to 11th 2023, the UIIN Conference will bring together over 500 stakeholders from all over the world to share knowledge, interact take home new insights from research and practice.

We are excited to introduce new topics to this year’s conference, and invite you to explore the nine conference themes below. We are looking for contributions for research and practice-based abstracts, good practice case studies, poster presentations and workshop proposals. All submissions will automatically be nominated for a range of awards during the 2023 UIIN Conference.

Explore the conference themes below, and make sure to submit your abstracts before December 19th, 2022.

Mark your calendar

Abstract deadline:
19th December 2022

Super Early-Bird ticket sales:
31st December 2022

2023 UIIN Conference:
9th – 11th May 2023


The Innovative and Entrepreneurial University
Fostering institutional engagement and change
Developing an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and culture
Defining, managing and measuring activities, outputs, outcomes and impact
Internal and external communication of engagement activities and its impact
Industry & Community Engagement and Partnerships
Building, strengthening and managing partnerships
Creating multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder partnerships
Community engagement and the university as an anchor institution
Exploring different partnership models to accelerate disruptive innovation
University Social
Creating the socially responsible university: Serving society and the economy
Cultivating equity, diversity and inclusion in higher education
Developing the purpose-driven university: Solving societal challenges and integrating SDGs
Implementing ethical research practices and ethical partnerships
Future of Education
Recognising skills through alternative credentials, stackable degrees and lifelong learning
Disrupting higher education and the educational frameworks
Developing the skills for the future: Deep Tech, Green and Digital
Personalising and digitising the educational system
Regional Innovation Ecosystems
Developing entrepreneurial ecosystems in and around higher education institutions
Driving place-based innovation through innovation districts
Addressing regional challenges and smart specialisation
Models and methods to strengthen the university’s engagement with regional actors, including SMEs
Entrepreneurship at Universities
Driving sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship at universities
Cultivating the student entrepreneur and supporting student start-ups
Solving societal challenges through entrepreneurship in Deep Tech, sustainable energy and SDGs
Supporting entrepreneurship through entrepreneurship centres, makerspaces, incubators and accelerators
Innovative Education
Creating more challenge-based, entrepreneurial multi-disciplinary curricula
Involving industry in co-designing and co-delivering education for the skills of tomorrow
Developing the lifelong learning university focused on upskilling and reskilling
the Boundaries
Strengthening boundary spanning skills and competencies
Incentivising and rewarding innovation, entrepreneurship and engagement
Diversifying academic career pathways
Research Valorisation, Commercialisation and Technology Transfer
Developing research valorisation and commercialisation pathways
Supporting research commercialisation and intellectual property management
Strengthening the role of knowledge and technology transfer offices


Research-based abstracts

Have you undertaken innovative research aligned to one of the conference sub-themes? Submit your research abstract to share your findings and present at the conference and receive recognition for your contributions to the field. The best submissions and presentations will be selected for the Outstanding Research Award.

Practice-based abstracts

Do you have results from practice aligned to one of the conference sub-themes? Submit your practitioners abstract to share your findings and present at the conference and receive recognition for your contributions to the field. The best submissions and presentations will be selected for the Outstanding Practitioner Award.

Good practice case study

Have you developed any good practices on an institutional or initiative level aligned to one of the conference sub-themes? Present your case study and qualify for one of the awards to recognise your contributions. The best submissions will be selected for our Good Practice Case Study Award.

Poster presentations

Do you have early results from research or practice related to one of the conference sub-themes? Present your research and next-practice concepts at the conference through a brief presentation and a poster. UIIN will print your concept on a large roll-up banner to be displayed in the main conference area.

Workshop proposals

Want to run an interactive workshop on research valorisation, university-business cooperation or any of the other sub-themes of the conference? Submit your proposal and gain a 1.5 hour slot at the conference.

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