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Start100: Nurturing student innovation at University of Galway

Elena Galán-Muros
The University of Galway campus

In this case study, we focus on Start100, the innovative program at the University of Galway that nurtures student innovation and entrepreneurship.

Start100 is a design-centric summer incubator program aimed at transforming student ideas into impactful businesses. Students are matched with mentorship panels to guide them throughout their entrepreneurial journey. The program focuses on idea validation, skill development, and accelerator readiness to prepare students for the world of entrepreneurship.

Download the full case to learn more about their challenges, activities and main success factors.

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This case study is based on the 2023 UIIN Conference submission by Natalie Walsh, Director of Entrepreneurial Development at the University of Galway, Connie O’Regan, Post Doctoral Researcher at UNESCO Child & Family Research Centre, Jenny Mullery, Programme Manager at Start100, Tony Hall, Director of Educational Design Research for Designing Futures at University of Galway, and Michelle Millar, Dean of Students at University of Galway.

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