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Revisiting our top 5 reads of 2023

Madeline Arkins

The UIIN community have spoken! There is one clear theme throughout – whether the issue is matching the demands of the employment market, tackling climate change, or creating a better environment and opportunities for students and faculty – collaboration and cooperation is top of mind for our readers.

1. Six Dimensions of Readiness: What Universities Need to Engage and Collaborate

At what point are universities ready to engage with business? How does one gauge universities’ readiness to co-operate in engagement activities and guide it towards success? Drawing from the results of a UIIN-led, large-scale research and development project, this article examines the key dimensions that determine a universities’ readiness for collaboration. From internal awareness and staff capabilities to external stakeholder management, explore the essential factors that shape successful university-business engagement and how to assess your own institution’s readiness.

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2. Bridging the Gap: Reimagining Higher Education for 21st Century Skills

Gain insights from our 2023 conference panellists about partnering and the future of education. The discussion, featuring experts from The Word Bank, Educreators Foundation, and Minerva Project, explores the current relevance of higher education and how to equip individuals with the skills needed in the 21st century. The article emphasizes the need to reimagine education through interdisciplinary approaches, active learning, and technology integration. It also highlights the importance of universities effectively communicating the skills they provide and helping students articulate and feel confident in their skills’ transferability. Have a read and see how these experts envision a future-proof education system.

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3. The Role of Universities In the Sustainability Transition

What responsibility do HEIs have in addressing the climate crisis and how can they equip future talent with not only the appropriate skills but with a culture of social responsibility? Amongst others, universities can also play a part through research valorisation, disseminating knowledge and collaborating with stakeholders to develop innovative solutions. Emphasising the need for external engagement, the article calls for increased capacity and support systems in universities to maximize their sphere of influence.

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4. How Should Universities Nurture Strategic Partnerships

How can you build strategic partnerships in STEM and SSH fields? This informative article explores the best practices for doing so, as discussed in a panel discussion at the UIIN conference. The panellists, including representatives from the University of Michigan, University of Cambridge, EPFL, and Siemens Evosoft, highlighted the need to strike a balance between top-down and bottom-up approaches to partnerships. While bottom-up initiatives allow for organic relationship building, top-down interventions, such as strategic labelling and structured events, provide additional support, attention, and resources for these partnerships to thrive. The article underscores the importance of equipping organisations to facilitate both approaches -empowering researchers as key drivers of collaboration while playing a facilitating role in connecting them with potential partners.

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5. Sony Interactive Entertainment Group – The Power of a Network

Have you ever wondered what the academic engagement pain points are from the perspective of creative industry? This spotlight interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment Group (SIE), a recent organisational member of UIIN, discusses just that. SIE, known for their PlayStation products and services, values collaborations with academia to stay at the forefront of innovation and bring inventive ideas from academia into gameplay for a better gaming experience. Through their work with PhD students, SIE build close relationships with academic institutions, leading to collaborative thinking and impactful results. Hear more of their insight in the full article above.

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Madeline Arkins (author) is a Project Officer at UIIN. In her work she focuses on topics relating to social impact and innovation in regional ecosystems.

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