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Integrating Entrepreneurial Education across disciplines

Tasha Day
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Traditionally confined to business schools, EE is now gaining momentum beyond business disciplines, equipping students with entrepreneurial competencies and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. This shift has the potential to infuse innovation across disciplines, address societal challenges, and enhance the education sector.

Our research highlights the crucial role of entrepreneurial educators, curriculum co-design with external stakeholders, and innovative pedagogies in driving this evolution. By addressing barriers and leveraging enablers, we aim to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and promote EE across disciplines at higher education institutions.

Explore the full executive summary, based on the extensive research conducted within the Educators for Impact project, to discover valuable insights and strategies for enhancing education’s impact on students and society.

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Tasha Day (author) is a Project officer at UIIN, where she undertakes research activities and creates content on a wide variety of topics including entrepreneurship education, sustainability and research valorisation.

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