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What is the regenerative economy and why should we care?

Tasha Day
Two people, with their backs to the camera, reaching for small plants on a big wall full of little plants

The regenerative economy is a transformative concept that goes beyond traditional economic models and even green growth. Whilst definitions vary, they each share a common characteristic: placing life at the centre of our socio-economic activities. Rather than the typical focus on quantitative growth and GDP, the regenerative economy focuses on qualitative growth in ecosystems, communities and individuals.

Despite its promise, the transition to a regenerative economy presents many challenges. There is a crisis of imagination in our current political thinking and it is a difficult task to a overcome the deeply ingrained growth-oriented mindset, making it difficult to challenge the status quo and foster openness to alternative ideas. In order to successfully transition, we need commitment from all sectors. Universities can lead the way in educating the innovators of the future and building a coalition of the willing, collaborating with governments, businesses, and civil society to achieve a regenerative and just future.

In this executive summary of the state-of-the-art report on the regenerative economy, in combination with UIIN’s interviews with regenerative economy experts in the Netherlands, we delve into the concept of the Regenerative Economy, it’s barriers, support mechanisms and the role of the university in this transition.

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Tasha Day (author) is a Project officer at UIIN, where she undertakes research activities and creates content on a wide variety of topics including entrepreneurship education, sustainability and research valorisation.

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