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Fostering engaged and entrepreneurial culture at universities

Rimante Rusaite
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In this brief, we explore the findings and recommendations from research conducted as part of the Time4UNIchange project, focusing on fostering a culture of engagement and entrepreneurship within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The brief provides insights into the challenges faced in bringing about cultural change in universities, the research methodology used to investigate this issue, and a comprehensive set of recommendations aimed at promoting a more engaged and entrepreneurial environment in academic institutions. This research sheds light on the barriers and drivers for academic staff involvement in external engagement and entrepreneurial activities and offers a valuable perspective on how HEIs can adapt and innovate to address the changing demands of modern education and research.

Cover for the report brief titled Fostering engaged and entrepreneurial culture at universities

Rimante Rusaite (author) is a Senior Project Officer at UIIN and holds an MSc in Environmental Policy and BSc in Psychology. Dedicated to sustainability and innovations, she’s also a design thinking coach and systems thinking enthusiast.

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