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Celebrating one year of UIIN Podcasts: Our top 5 episodes

Madeline Arkins
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In 2022, the UIIN team realised we had a wealth of insights and content from experts in our community, without a home for them. One year, 36 episodes, and four podcast series later, here we are! Our episodes cover Future of Universities, Research Valorisation, Strategic Partnerships, and Pathway to Impact series, and touch on the topics top of mind for the thought leaders in our community.

We have so enjoyed our foray into the realm of podcasts, and hopefully you have too. In no particular order, here’s a recap of the podcasts you loved the most this last year:

1. Lessons from Hollywood: How industry can benefit higher education institutions

This episode with Ian Thompson, Head of the Animal Logic Academy at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is one of our most popular listens. Animal Logic Academy is a world leading animation and visualisation school built on the firm belief that industry should lead education. In this episode, UIIN’s Balzhan Orazbayeva (Manager Strategic Initiatives) sat down with Ian to discuss how UTS created a ground-breaking model for their master’s program which provides graduates with an opportunity to directly develop critical, industry-focused and professional skills.

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2. Pioneering scientific entrepreneurship at TUM Venture Labs

Interested in the intersection between deep tech entrepreneurship and climate solutions? Have a listen of this episode from the 2023 UIIN Conference as part of our Research Valorisation series, where we are joined by Philipp Gerbert, General Managing Director of TUM Venture Labs. Hear about the challenges and opportunities of bridging talent gaps and learn how university-industry collaboration can drive innovation towards a more sustainable future.

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3. Towards a more diverse, equitable and inclusive university

How can you embed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across all levels of an institution? How important is leadership buy-in to institutional transformation? How can universities be both stewards of social and environmental justice? We asked these and more to Monroe France, the inaugural Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at Tufts University during the 2023 UIIN Conference. The topic of equity is of huge importance today and will no doubt be even more important as we look towards the future of our education systems and who they serve.

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4. Igniting economic growth: The power of university-industry partnerships

In this conversation with Kelly Sexton, Associate Vice President of Research and Innovation Partnerships at the University of Michigan we take a magnifying glass to strategic partnerships and their role in economic growth in a university. Listen in as we discuss the vital influence of policies that can act as catalysts for fostering thriving university-industry partnerships.

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5. Revolutionising higher education: How Minerva Project is shaping the future

What makes an institution a university? Is it a physical campus, yearly exams? Minerva Project would beg to differ. We had the privilege of sitting down with Diana El-Azar, the Senior Director of Strategic Communications at Minerva Project, a San Francisco-based education innovation company that is revolutionising higher education. Minerva Project first created the most innovative university in the world (WURI 2022 & 2023) and now are partnering with other higher education institutions to transform curricula and pedagogies using cutting-edge technology. Have a listen of this episode from our conference to find out more about their approach.

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Impact is that wonderfully elusive gold dust goal that universities and industry alike are looking to achieve, measure, and grow. Our Pathway to Impact series covers just that, and is our most recent addition to our podcasts. If you’re curious, have a listen to this episode from our series:

Crafting careers beyond the classroom: SDU’s entrepreneurship path

In this episode we’re joined by Søren Land, Head of Incubation and Enterprising at Southern Denmark University, to discuss the university’s entrepreneurship program and their unique approach to employability. Here you’ll learn how they shape students’ entrepreneurial mindset, highlighting the importance of resilience, skills development, and community building.

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Madeline Arkins (author) is a Project Officer at UIIN. In her work she focuses on topics relating to social impact and innovation in regional ecosystems.

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