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5 must-listen podcast episodes on university entrepreneurship

Elena Galán-Muros
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Are you ready to dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship in higher education? From fostering an entrepreneurial mindset to empowering diverse student communities, universities around the globe are paving the way for innovative thinking and real-world impact. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or simply curious about the intersection of education and innovation, these podcast episodes offer valuable insights and inspiration for your journey.

Democratising entrepreneurship education for all

With Yogavelli Nambiar, Founder of Niara Advisory

Social change strategist Yogavelli Nambiar shares insights on social entrepreneurship, inclusion, and higher education. From the importance of personalised approaches to the challenges faced by women in entrepreneurship, Nambiar delves into the nuances of entrepreneurship education, the need for personalised approaches, the challenges women face in entrepreneurship and how to adopt entrepreneurial thinking to avoid shallow solutions.

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Pioneering scientific entrepreneurship at TUM Venture Labs

With Philipp Gerbert, General Managing Director of TUM Venture Labs

In this episode, Philipp Gerbert from TUM Venture Labs takes us into the world of deep tech entrepreneurship. Explore the intersection of university and industry collaboration, and its role in driving innovation and sustainability. Discover how TUM Venture Labs are bridging talent gaps and shaping a brighter future through scientific entrepreneurship.

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Future-proofing graduates: The role of entrepreneurship education

With Emily Davies, Head of Student Entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter

Uncover the journey from entrepreneurial theory to success in the real world with Emily Davies from the University of Exeter. Discover how the university’s programs empower students to embrace entrepreneurship, foster innovation, and navigate the complexities of the start-up ecosystem. Emily walks us through how a diverse student community is encouraged to turn their ideas into tangible ventures.

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Crafting careers beyond the classroom: SDU’s entrepreneurship path

With Søren Land, Head of Incubation and Enterprising at Southern Denmark University

Join us as we uncover Southern Denmark University’s unique approach to entrepreneurship education with Søren Land. From fostering resilience to building a supportive community for the students, discover how SDU’s entrepreneurship program prepares them for careers beyond the classroom. Learn about the emphasis that SDU places on employability and skills development that sets it apart from the traditional university.

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Fostering the entrepreneurial mindset and student entrepreneurship in higher education

With Jenny Mullery, Community and Impact Manager at IdeasLab, University of Galway

Jenny Mullery takes us inside IdeasLab, the student innovation hub at the University of Galway, where students accelerate into the start-up ecosystem. From initiatives empowering female students in entrepreneurship to the challenges and successes of incubating student ventures, Jenny highlights once again the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among students.

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Ready for more?

If you would like to continue exploring good practices around university entrepreneurship, our case study collection Successful student entrepreneurship stories around Europe will take you on a journey to five successful European institutions that are nurturing entrepreneurial spirit among students and young professionals.

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Elena Galán-Muros (editor) is the Audiovisual Producer at UIIN.

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