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Good Practice Series 2024

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With a dedication to shaping the future of talent and innovation, the 2024 UIIN Conference’s Good Practice Case Study collection highlights diverse cases from institutions and organisations around the world, emphasising the importance of innovative collaboration and practical implementation.

The case studies in this collection reflect a range of themes, from embracing digital transformation in arts education at LASALLE College of the Arts, to the development of empathy-driven solutions through the Empathy Studio at the University of Galway. The collection also includes the remarkable story of ‘Rocket-Willy’, an unconventional technology transfer case that captured national attention in Germany, and Jönköping University’s strategic partnerships focused on commitment rather than cash.

Furthermore, we explore the creation of a European University driving smart and sustainable regions through the E³UDRES² initiative, and Goldsmiths’ journey towards becoming a civic university, deeply embedded in its local community.

These narratives underscore the vibrant exchange of ideas and practices that define our community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the authors, reviewers, and participants for their invaluable contributions to this enriching dialogue.



Title: Good Practice Series 2024
Year: 2024
Pages: 54
Language: English

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