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The annual UIIN conference is the largest global event dedicated to university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial and engaged universities and the future of higher education.

The conference is a chance for our global network and key sector players to come together and share the latest insights, practices and achievements in the field through inspiring discussions, workshops and networking.

In 2023, the conference was held in Budapest, Hungary. You can get the Conference Proceedings and the Good Practice book at our store, or in the Members Area for all UIIN Members.

Details for the 2024 conference are yet to be confirmed. Subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to hear details.

Why attend?

A hands-on upskilling experience

Hours of presentations aren’t for everyone. That’s why we use panel discussions, case studies, research sharing and interactive workshops to ensure you take away as much as possible

Mingle with the best in the business

Be inspired by and network with influential figures across academia, government and industry, including best-selling authors, leaders of universities, scientific experts and university relations leaders at R&D intensive companies.

Experience science and practice in action

We believe in the importance of research ON, as well as practical experience IN, university-industry interaction. Our conference allows you to combine the latest research with practical real-world applications and extend that to your own context to drive change in your organisation.

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