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Submissions close 18 December 2023

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Share your knowledge and experiences at the largest global event dedicated to innovative and entrepreneurial universities, university-industry engagement, student and academic entrepreneurship and the future of universities and education.

From reimagining the role of universities as innovative powerhouses to the convergence of STEM and the humanities, from the battle for talent in a competitive world to the impact of AI in reshaping external engagement – our conference brings the brightest minds in academia, industry, and technology together to spark transformative discussions and offer tangible solutions to common challenges.

Why present at UIIN

Shaping the future

Collectively we can address the shared challenges posed by the future of talent and innovation by sharing our findings for greater impact.

Showcase your expertise

Present to a cohort of your peers and receive recognition for the efforts and achievements of your work.

Networking opportunities

Connect with peers and open up new opportunities for collaboration by platforming yourself and your organisation.


External collaboration & industry partnerships

  • Transactional to strategic partnerships
  • Engagement frameworks and support structures
  • Convergence of SSH and STEM
  • IP, licensing and deal making
  • AI in external engagement
  • Technology transfer

Entrepreneurship and valorisation

  • Deep-Tech entrepreneurship
  • Research valorisation and commercialisation
  • Entrepreneurial support structures
  • Impactful academics
  • Student and academic start-ups
  • Venture funds

Future of talent

  • Industry in education design and delivery
  • Green, digital and entrepreneurial skills
  • Battle for talent
  • Lifelong learning
  • Future of education

Innovative and entrepreneurial universities

  • Innovation culture
  • Institutional transformation
  • Impact strategies and frameworks
  • Higher education for SDGs
  • European University Alliances

Place-based innovation

  • Entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems
  • Regional economic and social development
  • Smart specialisation strategies
  • Sustainable and social innovation

Emerging themes

  • Impact through engagement
  • Sustainability at universities
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion

If you have other great findings to share, we’d still love to hear from you.

Submit your abstract


Have you conducted innovative research aligned to one of the conference sub-themes? Share your latest methodologies and results.


Do you have programs, initiatives or processes you have developed or implemented at your institutions? Describe your approach and key results.

Poster presentation

Do you have early results from research or practice related to one of the conference sub-topics? Share your findings through a poster.

Good practice case study

Have you developed any good practices on an institutional or initiative level? Share the key challenges, drivers and outcomes.

Forward-looking concepts

Are you working on a new concept that is still in its early stages of development? Share your insights and get feedback.

Workshop proposal

Want to run an interactive workshop related to one of the conference sub-themes? Submit your proposal for a 1.5 hour slot at the conference.