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Join the UIIN Entrepreneurial Universities Program and be guided by experts in the field in becoming a more entrepreneurial & engaged institution

Universities encounter countless issues in their multifaceted quest to achieve, at times, competing objectives. How can a university retain its value and commitment to quality research and education and at the same time encourage non-traditional, entrepreneurial behaviour?

Supported by global best practice and working with leading experts in the field, this program is your opportunity to evaluate and launch your entrepreneurial university, using an evidence-based, practical approach to strengthening your university’s outcomes. Working alongside other ambitious universities, you will be guided to enhance the entrepreneurial approach and mindset throughout your institution.

Launch your university’s journey towards a more entrepreneurial and engaged institution

Program elements

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Develop a roadmap for enhancing your entrepreneurial university based on data gathered and analysed by UIIN during focus groups, workshops and surveys.



Access global best practice examples and be mentored by experts on entrepreneurial and engaged universities to inspire and guide your transformation.



Connect with internal and external peers during cohort events, focus groups and workshop to discuss and share learnings and insights on entrepreneurial universities.

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A/Prof. Todd Davey

Arno Meerman

How does it work?


Each university will form a core team of up to 6 representatives ranging from university leadership, research, academic and professional staff responsible for entrepreneurship and external engagement


The core team will participate in the group events, work collaboratively with UIIN and act as ambassadors within their university to drive the activities and translate the learnings


Each university team will have access to experts who will work closely with the teams to provide advice and recommendations


After the program, stay connected with your cohort peers as part of a network of program alumni

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