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Sign up your institution for the next cohort of the UIIN Institutional Programs starting, again, in 2023!

Institutional Programs

Accelerate your partnerships, and become more entrepreneurial, engaged and innovative. 

Through a cohort-based approach, the UIIN Institutional Accelerator Programs take participants on a journey to better understand the current state at their institution and begin to design solutions to achieving their goals.  

Explore our three programs below, and register your interest to become part of the next cohort!

Develop an understanding of current partnership activities and barriers across the university to design a holistic partnership approach aligned with university vision and goals.

Create roadmaps to leverage your university’s assets in education and research and develop a more entrepreneurial approach and mindset using evidence-based tools and methods.

Undertake an extensive mapping of your university’s external engagement using a research-based
framework to develop an approach to capture and measure its impact.

Who is this for?

Ambitious universities, institutes or faculties seeking to accelerate their external engagement. This involves undertaking a guided, structured program that provides you with the data, recommendations, and insights to instigate change, while also learning from global experts, case studies and peer institutions. 



Evidence-Based & Action-Driven

Gather data, insights and different perspectives on the current state at your university. Develop a specific action plan for your university to overcome challenges and achieve desired goals.


Global Insights

In addition to our in-house team of recognised experts, we also draw on our extensive network of professionals to bring you global insights through best practice case studies, guest speakers and expert mentors.


Grow Your Network

Build an internal team committed to change while also exchanging ideas, views and insights with peers around the world. This way you learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives, and form future connections.

Universities who have participated in our Programs

What our participants say

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Dr. Sarah Jaber
Strategic Partnerships

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