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Tailored solutions to external engagement challenges

We design solutions to address and support issues you are dealing with in your institutions, that are tailored to your needs and context.

Internal Analysis & Evaluation

Review, mapping and evaluation of internal processes, capabilities, supporting mechanisms, impact, and external engagement activities.

External Ecosystem Analysis

Extensive scanning and mapping of unique regional assets, current and potential external partnerships and your role in the ecosystem.

Training & Workshop Facilitation

Bringing together relevant stakeholders to discuss, ideate and co-create goals and solution, drawing on global best practice case studies.

Strategy and Roadmap Development

Consolidating organisational vision and goals into a viable strategy and implementation plan.

Framework Development

Designing tailored frameworks to guide your external engagement, including regional engagement, partnership and impact frameworks.

Cultural Change

Developing a more entrepreneurial and innovative culture through programs and workshops to empower staff and enrich mindset.

Who is this for?

Universities, companies, alliances, government or intermediary agencies seeking support with different aspects of external engagement. This could be to address or provide advice on specific challenges, or supplement internal discussions and analysis with external expertise and insights.

Why should you work with us?



Our approach is underpinned by research-based methodologies. We take a data-driven approach that understands the unique characteristics of your institution, and provides you with evidence-based actions to implement.


Tailored Approach

We understand that each organisation is different. We take the time to get to know you and understand your challenges and context, to provide you with relevant services that lead to impact.


Insights from Research & Practice

Based on 10+ years of experience, we understand the complexity of university-industry engagement, and bring tools, frameworks and recommendations to support you to achieve your goals.

Contact me to discuss how we can support you with your challenges!

Dr. Sarah Jaber
Strategic Partnerships

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