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UIIN Events

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge and empowering universities to bring innovation into all aspects of their work, including management, teaching, research and university-industry engagement.

Are you an academic, knowledge transfer professional or university leader, who wants to drive change in your institution? We invite you to explore the selection of our university-industry collaboration events, designed to showcase theory and best practicebut also help you devise practical actions that you can take within your university.

27 September, 2023

1:30-3:00pm (UTC)

Connecting Innovative Universities:
Roundtable Discussions

This quarterly session brings together UIIN Accelerator and Changemaker members to collaboratively address and exchange challenges and gain novel perspectives. Dive into stimulating discussions, access expert insights, and network globally with other UIIN members to foster innovation and global impact in external engagement.

5 October, 2023

6-6:30am | 2-2.30pm (UTC)

Accelerate Innovation and Amplify your Institution’s Impact: Join the UIIN community

This 30-minute online orientation will introduce you to the UIIN membership plans, the benefits of becoming a UIIN member, upcoming events, training and consulting services, and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions to the UIIN team.

19 October, 2023

1-1:45pm (UTC)

How To: Drive and Support Successful Partnerships

In this practical session, you will be presented with the UIIN Strategic Partnership Framework, sharing the key considerations needed to help drive and support successful partnerships.

25 October, 2023

1-1:30pm (UTC)

Navigating Tech Transfer: KU Leuven’s Pathway from Lab to Valorisation

Join us for an engaging discussion with Paul van Dun, the General Director of KU Leuven Research & Development (LRD), a pioneer in the field of knowledge and technology transfer about the challenges and opportunities in tech transfer and research valorisation.

28-29 November, 2023

Brisbane, AUS

Australia Forum: Partnering for Impact

Join us for a unique gathering of thought leaders, educators, researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers. Hosted by Griffith University, this 1.5 day event will explore key themes, including what makes an ideal partnership, how to create more impact through multi-stakeholder partnerships,  and how can organisations better capture the impact of their external engagement.

April 2024

Melbourne, AUS

UIIN Australian Symposium

We are excited to announce a symposium in Melbourne in April 2024, co-hosted by Swinburne University.

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