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Fireside Chat with Balzhan Orazbayeva

The term ‘Boundary Spanner’ is being used increasingly to describe a professional working to break down the barriers across academia and industry. But what do these people actually do, and what are the skills needed to work at the intersection and generate collaboration across both sides?

In this fireside with UIIN’s Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva, we will share key insights about the skills and learning frameworks related to university-business cooperation, based on research undertaken as part of UIIN’s large scale research and development projects and training programs.

Whether you are new to the topic, or have been actively involved in the field, attending this fireside chat will give an opportunity to gain practical insights and learn about capacity building in university-business cooperation.


This event aims to explain some of the intricacies of a successful boundary spanner, a professional working to break down the barriers across academia and industry.

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This event is for university leaders, managers, professionals, academics or researchers looking for ways to enhance their own and their institution’s external engagement.

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Date: 15th August 2023

Time: 2pm-2.30pm UTC (Convert to your own timezone)

What is a fireside chat?

A UIIN Fireside Chat is a 30-minute interview session between a UIIN facilitator and an external industry expert on a high-level topic. Participants will leave with insights and inspiration after hearing the experiences and perspectives of the guest speaker, and have the opportunity to ask questions during the session. Fireside Chats are also recorded for UIIN podcasts and are available after the session.

Fireside chat with

Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva
Manager Strategic Initiatives at UIIN

Balzhan Orazbayeva is the strategic initiatives manager at UIIN. In this role, she designs and delivers innovative training, consultancy concepts and models to develop more engaged and entrepreneurial universities. Balzhan has undertaken research around university-business collaboration and social innovation and has run a number of training programs and workshops around entrepreneurial universities, future of universities and university-business collaboration. Balzhan holds a  doctoral degree from the Free University Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam), where she focused on the engagement of academics and businesses in education-driven university-business collaboration. She is the co-editor of The Future of Universities (FUT_) book series.

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