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Fireside Chat with Ignacio Sanchez Diaz

In the height of the pandemic, universities across the world made huge efforts to handle the emergency in the most appropriate and effective manner, while at the time caring for their community members – students, faculty and staff. 

It gave us all time to reflect on what was truly important and reimagine the future, where universities could focus on valuing people above other things.  

Now, in a ‘post-pandemic’ world, we discuss how universities have responded to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Did they heed the warnings? How have they adapted? And what progress still needs to be made?


In this session, participants will hear perspectives about how universities have adapted in a ‘post-pandemic’ world to make positive progress towards a more humane society.

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This event is designed for university leaders interested in the future of education and the reimagined university in a post-pandemic world.

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What is a fireside chat?

A UIIN Fireside Chat is an hour-long, interview session between a UIIN facilitator and an external industry expert on a high-level topic. Participants will leave with insights and inspiration after hearing the experiences and perspectives of the guest speaker, and have the opportunity to ask questions during the session. Fireside Chats are also recorded for UIIN podcasts and are available after the session.

Fireside chat with

Ignacio Sánchez Díaz

President, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Ignacio Sánchez is the President of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Full Professor at its School of Medicine. He is part of the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities and of the Coalition of Traditional Non-State Chilean Universities.  Ignacio is Chair of the Chilean Chapter of Catholic Universities of the International Federation of Catholic Universities, and Vice-President for the South Region of the Organization of Catholic Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean – ODUCAL.

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