About UIIN

UIIN is a dynamic international network of academics, practitioners and business professionals focused on establishing and improving relationships between education and industry. UIIN is a leading organisational in the field of university-industry interaction, collaborative innovation and entrepreneurial universities. As founder of the University-Industry Interaction Conference series, the University Industry Innovation Magazine and the UIIN Good Practice Series it is an actively advancing the knowledge in the field, sharing the latest developments with the global community and facilitating the networking and interaction of more than 400 delegates at its annual events.

The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) aims is to exploit the full value of collaboration and cooperation (open innovation), ultimately making an impact to academia, business and society.


UIIN, founded in 2012 has developed itself to a leading network in its field. Having started as a resource platform, it was in 2013 that UIIN launched its first international conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With more than 1,000 participants since 2013 it addresses a great need from both the academic as well as the practitioner society. Today UIIN hosts large scale events all around the world and is involved in 5 international research and implementation projects. In addition, it provides the largest platform of resources on the topic, including the largest good practice database.


UIIN is dedicated to creating a connected society where universities are a key stakeholder in driving and facilitating inclusive growth, entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation districts through regional engagement.


UIIN aims to provide a supportive and encouraging open innovation environment for academics, practitioners and business professionals who are passionate about advancing university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial universities and collaborative innovation.


From its start UIIN has focussed on providing its event participants with a unique experience. Through a program full of sharing of knowledge, exchanging experiences and networking at some of the most prestigious conference and dinner locations available, UIIN always aims for an exceptional conference. With some of the leading voices from the field as speakers and its workshop moderators staying at the forefront of the latest developments its conferences and workshops keep attracting an increasing number of academics and practitioners from all over the world.

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