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The UIIN Digital Library gives you access to some of the “hidden treasures” in university-industry interaction, collaborative innovation and entrepreneurial universities. The library hosts a more than 200 articles, 100+ good and next practices, more than 300 presentations and a large number of posters, reports and videos - all gathered at events of and/or published by UIIN.

Some of the key publications in the Digital Library are:

Academic and Practitioners Papers
Collection of scientific and practitioner papers published through the University-Industry Interaction Conference. The papers are focussed towards topics such as university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial & engaged universities and collaborative innovation. They deal with the latest research and practitioners experiences on issues such as employability, creating entrepreneurial mindsets, universities and ecosystems as well as optimizing university-business cooperation.

The library holds a wide variety of presentations from the annual University-Industry Interaction Conference. You can digest a wide variety of research outcomes and experience from practice through looking through the slides of more than 300 presentations.

UIIN Good Practice Series (GPS)
The Good Practice Series highlights successful cases covering various subjects and levels, including organisational, departmental and project level.

University-Business Cooperation Reports
Jointly published by the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, apprimo and UIIN, the reports highlight the status quo of University-Business Cooperation in 14 European countries.

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Screenshot of the UIIN Digital Library, available to UIIN Members in UIIN Connect

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