Good practices

Boost your efficiency, learn from peers and excel in university-industry interaction with our good practice case studies. In 2013, UIIN published the first edition of its Good Practice Series and has since published a new series of case studies on an annual basis. The objective of the series is to highlight a wide variety of cases in different professional settings. There are many variables within each environment - country, culture, stage of development, type of institution – therefore, UIIN collects good practices on various subjects and levels, including organisational, departmental and project level. The presented cases can be filtered and searched through using a number of criteria:

  • Title
  • Nature of collaboration
  • Type of mechanism
  • Country
  • Authors
Through presenting cases with diverse stages of development, types of interaction, and types of activity you can get access to the case that applies best to your specific situation.

Our collection of nearly 100 detailed good practice cases are only available to UIIN members through our Good Practice Database.

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Screenshot of the Good Practice Finder, available to UIIN Members in UIIN Connect

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